The ISIS Apocalypse (warning, graphic image)

Please forgive this horrible image, and remember that this is not a man, but the vestige of one who is now with his Savior. Rejoice for him, for his hope is now fully realized.

I received a long e-mail detailing the horrible atrocities that the hoodlums of the Islamic State are perpetrating against Christians in Iraq. I’ve seen graphic images of children without heads, and heard of the rape and pillage of Christian families. And my feelings go beyond outrage, to apprehension, and even fear. “How long before they take over our country, as they promise?”

That is my fleshly reaction to this evil that seems to be spreading, unchecked, but when I look to my Savior instead of such scare tactics, my response is quite different. Of course it’s easy for me to sit in this comfortable chair in front of my computer monitor, smack in the middle of one of America’s havens of freedom, and say I truly believe none of this Islamic State business is taking God by surprise. The truth is, God is not wringing his hands and desperately commissioning the West to step in and correct all the hideous wrongs. Rather, God is allowing this genocide to wake up his church, to open our eyes to the fact that we are not safe in this world, that our safety is spiritual, and that no matter what happens to our property, families or selves, he is always faithful. We are not to fear those who can kill us physically, but only him who controls our eternal destiny (Matthew 10:28).

I believe God is giving grace to his beloved Christ-followers when we face persecution, and even execution, for his name’s sake. He cannot abandon us because he is Love personified, but he can and will allow whatever our hardened hearts require, in order to make them soft toward him.

Never think that Father God is made of stone, that he feels nothing for his suffering church. Good heavens! He gave his own beloved Son over to worse torture than ISIS, or any other Satanic force, can dish out, so we his enemies could be saved.

My prayer is first, that God will glorify himself through this time of tribulation, and second, that his suffering church will look to our Savior for his supernatural peace, and die with psalms of praise on our lips. We dare not submit to a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind (1 Timothy 1:7-8).

So look up, for our Savior is drawing near, and pray for gratitude, and courage to face whatever God allows in our future.

News of National Importance

MSN reports that eight-year-old Sunnie Kahle’s school, Timberlake Christian, in Lynchburg VA, decided her hair style and dress confused other students about her “gender identity,” so they invited her to find another school.

Sunny KahleA letter from school administrator Becky Bowman that includes Bible passages condemning homosexuality and cross dressing stated, “We believe that unless Sunnie as well as her family clearly understand that God has made her female, and her dress and behavior need to follow suit with her God-ordained identity, that [Timberlake Christian School] is not the best place for her future education.”

Of course, throwing in a few tears is sure to gain sympathy from MSN’s audience, so they reported that, “She cries every morning to get on the bus, she cries when she comes home because she wants to go back to Timberlake Christian with her friends.”

Now comes the heavy hitter, “Sunnie isn’t the only little kid getting kicked around by school officials that favor dress codes more than common sense and compassion: a little girl who shaved her head to support her friend with cancer was suspended from her Colorado school, although the decision was reversed after the incident garnered viral support through social media.”

MSN’s implied conclusion is that all Christian school administrators are bigoted, homophobic fundamentalists, and poor Sunnie Kahle was dealt an earth-shattering injustice. I can see no other reason for their publishing such a localized story. They, and most other news outlets, seem to seek out inflammatory news of Christians violating the statutes of Political Correctness, regardless how minor the incidents might be to objective observers.

I’m not trying to justify the Christian school’s action; there must have been less drastic ways of dealing with the issue. Knowing how careful private school administrators are, however, I suspect this action must have been their last resort. News outlets aren’t inclined to publish extenuating circumstances in such cases, unless they reinforce their covert biases.

What infuriates me far more than the fact of their obvious bias is John Q. and Mary Public’s gullibility. Fifty years ago we could pretty much trust the News to objectively report important events, but they’ve betrayed that trust, and most of us don’t even realize it.

I hope you don’t think I believe the sociopolitical left is unique in their misrepresentations. The right has their own biases and blind spots. Neither is name-calling unique to the left. When people are too stupid, ignorant, or lazy to inform themselves on both sides of the issues, all they have left is mud-slinging. I don’t pretend to possess the knowledge to objectively evaluate the world’s, or even my city’s important issues, but at least I’m honest enough to admit my ignorance.