Self-Destruct Mode

In today’s F*i*F posting, Dave effectively pointed out the fact that Christian writers lack credibility in the literary world partly because we write from an obvious agenda. That’s called following the Great Commission using the gift we possess. How we use it is another story.

Missions aren’t unique to Christian writers. Everyone, that is, every single writer worthy of publishing holds a worldview based on their beliefs–even if their belief is in the nonexistence of something or someone. Secularistic authors propagate their beliefs through their writing as consistantly as do Christians, though most are loath to admit it.

So, what’s the diff? The issue of Christian writers being trivialized springs from the secularistic worldview that pervades our society–tragically, even the evangelical minority! We call CBA works “predictable” because the Christian worldview is narrower than the secular worldview. We look to Christ, whereas they chase phantom saviors.

We’ve come to expect better quality and more entertaining stuff from the world because they don’t have to try as hard to vary their message. By nature, their message is as varied as their gods, and by their standard, “variety is the spice of life.”

Christians know that is a lie! We are the salt of the earth, the true spice of life. When we convey our redemptive message as mediocre pablum, in a significant way, we have blasphemed our God. Yet, to be included in the tent of “Christian” publishers, that’s what we have to do. It’s as if the CBA industry itself believes the lie that people of faith can’t handle the toughest social problems, even though the object of their faith offers the only viable solution.


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