Death of an Icon

The worldwide pro-family movement suffers a devastating loss with the death of the Roman Pontiff, John Paul II. The morally conservative leader allowed no confusion about his stand on politically hot issues such as abortion, “free love,” abstinence as the only effective means for controlling STDs and unplanned pregnancy, and many others. He was a true follower of Jesus, loving, and devoting his life to his Savior.

John Paul II never seemed to worry about ruffling liberal political leaders’ feathers, refusing to back down from his Biblical positions when faced with political and popular pressure. Religious and national leaders around the world praise his strength of conviction and moderating influence in world affairs.

I’ve heard the Roman church may be pushing for a more “conciliatory” pope this time. If so, that would be exactly the wrong move in the currently shrinking, volatile global environment. With international, religious terrorism on one side, and media-driven, moral degeneration on the other, we need a potent moderating influence such as his now, more than ever.


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