Escaping Life

Heartbreak is as much a part of loving as death is of living.

A wonderful short story by Tennessee Williams, “Something by Tolstoy,” tells the story of a young, and quite shy boy, Jacob Brodsky, who was a Russian Jew and whose father owned a bookstore. Jacob’s father’s desire was for his son to go to college but Jacob desired nothing but to marry his childhood sweetheart, a beautiful French girl named Lila.
Submitting to his father’s will Jacob went to a university but soon after the elder Brodzky fell ill and died. Jacob moved back home, buried his father, and realizing life was short, married his love, Lila. They then moved into the apartment above the bookstore, and Brodzky took over its management.
Jacob loved his life but Lila felt confined and restricted. She wanted more adventure, more excitement, and found it in a talent agent who recognized her singing talent and enticed her to travel around Europe with a vaudeville company…

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