Six-Year-Old Driver

If you’re a computer geek, a six-year-old driver explains why something on your computer doesn’t work(that’s a geeky inside joke). If you are a driver, or the parent of a six-year-old kid, putting “six-year-old” and “driver” together gives you hives. I heard of a kid who went on a joy-ride in his dad’s car. He was having so much fun that he plumb forgot to watch where he was going. Do I need to tell you how his joy-ride ended?

Yes, there is a spiritual application to this weird rant; God’s church is largely populated with “babes in Christ,” who either resist instruction in the Christian life, or have no one to teach them. They “make a decision for Christ,” and all the saints say Hallelujah! and then go back to trying to win more “sinners” for Christ. If you hadn’t noticed, that sentence has a number of problems: First, a “decision for Christ” doesn’t necessarily insure your eternal destiny. And it certainly doesn’t do that if you haven’t repented(turned away from) dead works. Matter of fact, all works are dead if they aren’t done for the Lord. I know that seems extreme, so look it up if you doubt me(Isaiah 64:6Hebrews 6:1 and 9:14). In fact, if “fire insurance” is your reason for coming to Christ, you need a different insurance agent.

Second, a “saint” is one who is set apart for God’s glory. Any “Christian” who isn’t interested in teaching(discipling) new believers, but sends them on their merry way into the mine field of church life, is arguably not a saint. More often than not, that is a spiritual death sentence, because more self-interest exists in churches than Christ-interest, and that makes for lots of stinkin’ thinkin’.

Third, only Jesus saves sinners. We can try to influence people through our example and testimony, but we can’t “save” them or “win them for Christ.” That’s God’s job, and he’s kind enough to use Christians’ example and testimony to accomplish it, through his Holy Spirit.

So, back to the six-year-old driver. If a new Christian doesn’t become a Christ-follower, and quickly, he or she is like that clueless kid behind the wheel of three hundred horses. The joy ride will likely end in a sad, sad story of disillusionment and hardening of the heart. I’ve hard it said that church members are one of the few animals that eat their young. Sound harsh? Ask the next atheist you meet.


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