Hollywood Mistake?

For the first time since Touched by an Angel, I witnessed a popular TV show presenting a man of the cloth in a positive light. The Leverage episode titled, “The Miracle Job,” presented a Catholic priest whose parish property was about to be sold to an unscrupulous commercial developer. His old friend Nathan Ford—played by Timothy Hutton—came to his rescue by staging a miracle. When the priest discovered the ploy, he did his best to end the deception, even if it cost him his beloved parish ministry.

Here was a conscientious priest who didn’t sodomize boys or violate nuns. Neither was he an idiot or arbitrarily gullible. He just wanted to honor God by doing the right thing. Did Hollywood have a lapse in their agenda-based programming philosophy? Or did Ted Turner overrule the marketing boys? Whatever happened, I’d love to see more of it.


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