Let’s Play Church


The Sunday Assembly is a godless congregation that celebrates life.

Our motto: live better, help often and wonder more.
Our mission: to help everyone live this one life as fully as possible.
Our vision: a Sunday Assembly in every town, city and village that wants one.”

Pippa Evans and Sanderson Jones

To achieve that vision, Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans set a £500,000 ($820,165) fund raising goal, of which they received £33,668 ($55,227)by campaign’s end. That’s 6.7%, but it’s fully 1/3 of the £100,000 ($164,033) organizers’ suggested goal. I suppose that’s a relative success.

Essentially, Sunday Assembly is a group of like-minded folks who enjoy hanging out to music and motivational speeches. By so doing, they hope to achieve their motto, their mission, and their vision. The only real difference between that, and a fraternity/sorority party is the organization.

Pippa in one of her better moments.

Let’s more closely examine their motto. Living better is a lofty ambition, but how does hanging with like-minded folks and listening to motivational speeches achieve that? You could get motivated by listening to any of hundreds of motivational recordings by better motivators than a “church” could afford to hire. And hanging with like-minded folks simply makes you feel good.

Their mission is also lofty. But if God doesn’t exist, life has no overarching purpose, other than to feel good and accumulate as many toys as possible. I’m intensely curious how they define a “full” life.

Their vision fell flat on its face. They’re old news, has-beens, enjoying a secular social club.

In view of their fund raising shortfall, their “global movement” is a nice, but unrealistic slogan. “Wonder and Good” are noble aspirations, but I must wonder about their “Wonder.” Again, without God, what’s to wonder about, except how this wonderful creation managed to evolve by random mutation and natural selection? As for “Good,” that’s a very good thing, but simply wanting good doesn’t achieve anything but frustration, once you open your eyes to all the evil in this fallen world.

I say, the Sunday Assembly folks are quite welcome to their Kum-ba-yahs and warm, fuzzy feelings. In fact, their “movement” is not in the least unique; many “Christian” churches have long been godless, worshiping the creature, rather than the Creator.


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