Open Walls

I happened upon a photo of Schwerin Castle titled, “Open Walls,” and it suggested the balance Christ-followers’ need to maintain between spiritual discernment and openness to valid new Scriptural interpretations and applications.

Schwerin Castle

The only thing worse than gullibility is dogmatism, as its ideological rigidity unnecessarily sets up believers as modern-day tilters at windmills. The validity issue is thorny at least, as centuries of denominational dogma shape what we accept as orthodoxy. Were the papists correct in their trinitarian conclusions? Was John Calvin correct in his view of Divine Sovereignty and election? And what about John Wesley’s view of limited atonement and volitional salvation?

As my own view of orthodoxy is completely and committedly biased, I cannot take an objective position on any of those many traditional dogmas, though I like to think I am open to God’s correction in those matters. But, am I really? As in everything else, I prayerfully study God’s Word, expecting him to enlighten me.


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