Reckless Abandon with Your Gentleman-Suitor

I’ve discovered that Oswald Chambers, in My Utmost For His Highest, liked to use the phrase, “reckless abandon,” in describing the degree to which he urged patterning our lives after the Lord Jesus. So, I looked up those words in the dictionary—a slick-and-easy project in Kindle for PC.

reck•less adj. without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action: reckless driving
a•ban•don n. complete lack of inhibition or restraint: follow Christ with abandon.

I suppose every preacher develops his catch-phrases; such things help establish his professional identity. But to use them “recklessly” confuses their true meaning and reduces their impact. So let’s slice-and-dice this phrase til we find its most profound application to our lives.

What possible benefit might you find in “recklessness?” Every action has consequences, even in-action. (Why don’t they call it un-action, or non-action? Never mind, I think too much about words.) When you’re in sin—that doesn’t necessarily mean

The Kiss

habitual, gross sin, like adultery or larceny—if you’re at all a sane person, you take extreme measures to avoid consequences of the painful variety, although you’re not at all surprised if they find you anyway. You do it because you hope for positive consequences, or tangible reward.

Meet the new Nero.

Consequences of following Christ also fall into those two categories. The painful side, at least in the U.S., includes alienating close friends and family, or loosing social status. As for the blissful—yes, I said blissful—side, they range from loosing your guilt feelings, shame, and regret, to gaining a fantastic new Friend, and the family that comes with him. Oh, and don’t forget eternity with your loving, personal God.

I can’t imagine what it will be like …

“Abandon” certainly has a romantic connotation, as in “throwing caution to the wind” with that lady or gentleman you’ve been dreaming about. While such wind-throwing sports undeniable rewards, they are mild and short-term compared to the rewards you can expect from intimacy with Christ Jesus.

So, throw caution to the wind, and recklessly pursue your Gentleman-Suitor. He’ll love and care for you forever.


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