Skeptical Me

Evolution of Modern Man

Materialists of all stripes demand that theists show them God, then they will believe in him. Well, I’m not at all convinced by all the “science” they say precludes God’s existence. Sure, they say they have evidence for Darwinist evolution, but I’ve never experienced it. They say they’ve proved the Big Bang, but I’ve never seen it. If you ask me, I have more experimental evidence for God’s existence than they have for his non-existence. When I obey God’s Word, I experience his blessings: simple cause-and-effect, just like chemistry experiments.

A Big Bang

Ask materialists where the Big Bang came from, and they tell you it’s cyclical; it goes BANG!, sends matter and energy outward to form us and everything else in the expanding universe, til eventually it quits expanding and begins contracting, ultimately back into the nearly- infinitesimal point of nearly-infinite density. Then it goes BANG! again. Even if that happens billions of times, matter still can’t be eternal. According to the Law of Conservation of Energy and Mass, matter had to have a beginning, or it would be eternal.

Fractal image representing eternity

Stick with me here, it gets better— Matter moves; can we agree on that? Movement is an event, even though it may be continuous. Any event has a duration, or passage of time, so matter’s existence necessitates time’s existence. One theoretical exercise challenges the exerciser to think of the furthest-back point imaginable, then consider the moment before that. You now have a new starting-point, so the exercise is futile … rather like arguing God’s nonexistence.

Even materialists’ explanations of subatomic structure are a bit iffy; they say atoms are mostly empty space. Ask my pinky-toe if that’s true when I misjudge a furniture leg.

Dark Energy
We know it’s there because it MUST be there.

One example of materialists’ lame explanations for God’s phenomenal work in the universe is what they call, “Dark Energy.” Though God’s Word says that he holds everything together, materialists won’t buy that. Since physical science can’t explain experimentally why electrons don’t fly out of their atomic orbits, or why the universe expands ever-faster, they cobbled together the theory of “Dark Energy” to explain all that mysterious stuff. Has anybody seen Dark Energy? Has physicists’ advanced instrumentation revealed Dark Energy? Do they even know what it is?

NO! They’re just guessing, because the idea of God is unthinkable. But remember, atheists are free thinkers.


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