The Hollow Follow

Since I began blogging on WordPress, lots of other WordPress bloggers have “followed” me. At first, I took it as a complement, until I noticed how many other blogs they were following. Actually following all those blogs would take a hundred hours per day, so I concluded there must be another reason for their clicking that “Follow” button.

Very quickly I realized that “following” hundreds of blogs gets attention, and maybe a few—just a very few—of those who stop by to acknowledge the “follow” might actually return to see what they have to say. Then there are those who use that strategy to market their product. And finally, some of those wholesale “followers” just get off to having oodles of “followers.”

So then, what is a “follower,” but a hash-mark to be counted?

Such “followers” suggest to me the fannies that fill pew-spots in churches. Most fill those spots out of habit or social convention. Many covet their friends’ social fellowship. Quite a few choose prestigious pews for networking opportunities. Some, however, desire only to follow Christ, sharing and supplementing their faith with others of like mind and spirit. These aren’t “hollow followers,” but followers with the sanctified purpose of loving God in deed and truth. They follow Christ, not to earn the reward of heaven, but to glorify God right here, right now.

I regularly ask myself why I go to church and plant my fanny in my pew-spot. Do I do that to glorify myself, or my Lord? That question is, for me, a reality-check. What would be your answer to that question? Is your follow hollow? Or … what?


2 thoughts on “The Hollow Follow

  1. “Is you follow hollow” – lovely post. And will check back to see what responses you get. For me? I love checking in and seeing the thoughts, views, insights – and fun – of others. I learn a lot. Take a week’s holiday tho – and then “WOW” bloggers are writers who never stop! That was mind blowing coming back to see how much reading had built up (the only time it has felt like work).

    Your point about church/pews and “followers” – lovely point well made!

  2. I like this. I follow peopled because they follow me and I thought I was supposed to. As if it were the unwritten rule. I am weeding through my blog to commit to the ones I truly love or grow from and reduce the handful of the obligatory follows I made.

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