Irrational Atheists

Please excuse me, just this once. I need to vent.

Curiosity struck, and I explored the archaic scientific law of Spontaneous Generation. If the term seems unfamiliar, no one has taken it seriously since early in the last century. The nutshell version is, simple life springs from soil, dirt, and rotting organic matter. That attempted to explain why gnats, worms, maggots and such came from “nowhere.” Actually, the nutshell version is all there is, as biologists back then had no way to research their hypotheses.

Wanting to see of there was anything about this “law” that I was missing, I landed at’s page about spontaneous generation, but not without first having to overrule the WOT warning screen. This called for investigation.

Turns out gave this site a poor ratings for trustworthiness and child safety. Why? A few (only a few) irate atheists smeared them. Their objection? It seems they take umbrage over creationist sites that use the word, “science,” in their title.

Yes, I am a creationist. Does that make me less-than objective? Of course it does! Duh!

Are atheists objective? Why, yes, if you believe their hype. They’re also “rational,” “free-thinkers,” and “more intelligent” than religionists of any stripe, and even non-religious theists. And remember, we’re the prejudiced few, ’cause “most” folks, in their heart-of-hearts, don’t truly believe in God. (More on that in another post, titled, “What Makes You Think You Believe In God?”)

Why, then, are they so insecure about creationists having a voice in the exchange about origins? One would think that if they truly hold the higher intellectual ground they would have nothing to fear from such religious wackos. But the fact is, they’re scared spitless, as their evolutionary “science” isn’t sweeping all ideas of a Creator God under the rug of intellectual inquiry. They’re scared because truly intelligent people can see through their dense smoke-screen of pseudo-science.

Are they the only pseudo-scientists? Of course not. Creationists are just as guilty in their rash assumptions, applying Bible passages to the issue when they have only a cursory idea of what they really say in the original languages, or the cultural and religious contexts in which they were written.

By definition, any dogmatic stance is false, because its holders stake their pride on it, and as we all know, “I” is at the center of both pride and sin. We creationists must remember that God never defends his existence; he doesn’t have to. And neither do we. Instead, “Have no fear of them, nor be troubled, but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect.” (1 Peter 3:14b-15)

That won’t shut ’em up (nothing will), but there is no intelligent argument against faith.


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