Our Founding Fathers tried to make totalitarianism impossible in the United States.

I happened to watch an old episode of BREAKOUT KINGS, where the team encountered a group of “patriots.” While I agree in principle with the fictitious group’s position on governmental overreach, I can’t stomach the terrorist-style violence employed to make their point. When true American patriots descend into the bloody gutter of aggressive violence and hate crimes, they abdicate the moral high-ground, and become just another corrupt band of bullies as bad as, or worse than, the bully government they’re fighting.

But the producers’ almost-subliminal, secondary message came even closer to turning my stomach; the fictitious “patriots” were militant racists. While some “patriots” hold that sick, hateful world view, true  patriots hold to our Founding Fathers’ Biblical world view that mandates equality under law for everyone, even if it’s still a dream.

The religious-right’s myth that the United States of America is, or ever was, a Christian nation clouds uncountable issues. Our founding fathers suffered and died to prevent that from happening. The last thing they wanted to establish was a theocracy, where Christianity, or any other religion, could be established as the state religion. That’s why they included the Establishment Clause in our Bill of Rights. After all their efforts, however, our usurpers’ government has established an official, state religion.

Our Constitution included a then revolutionary process called checks-and-balances, where one arm of government could not hold sway over the other two. But the religion of Secular Humanism invaded our government through the back door of judicial activism, and hasn’t stopped since. It’s already weakened our nation, and will eventually end our form of government. Unlike fictional accounts of that inevitable failure, we’ll probably keep our national name, while the usurpers’ government quietly dispatches dissenters everywhere.

“In a democracy, the people deserve the government they get.”


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