Sweet Somethings

Psalm 25
14 The friendship[secret counsel] of the Lord is for those who fear him,
and he makes known to them his covenant.
15 My eyes are ever toward the Lord,
for he will pluck my feet out of the net.

I normally read Oswald Chambers’ Utmost devotional as a relaxing meditation before I crash at night. This morning, however, I felt like reading it even before I crawled out — I’m sure my bedroom’s chilly temperature had nothing to do with that impulse.

The thrust for today’s devotional involved the unique nature of intimate friends’ communication; such friends share their smallest joys and blessings, as well as many of their trials and temptations. When those friends happen to be a man and a woman, that intimate communication can take the form of, “Sweet Nothings,” or still better, “Sweet Somethings,” whispered to one another. In that way, they support one another, like two legs of a tripod, with their Lord providing the third leg. Of course, that only applies to close friends who are Christ-followers. If that isn’t the case, intimate friendship is a tenuous balance, risking collapse at the first ill wind.

Did you notice a similarity in principle to the marital relationship? If you didn’t, read it again in that context, as it applies equally. Too often, lovers and marriage partners base their relationship on infatuation, good-times, and sexual intimacy. That sort of attachment isn’t a true relationship at all, and certainly not a close friendship. Remember Apostle Paul’s warning about being unequally yoked with unbelievers? That’s a principle with broad applications.

Psalm 25:14 describes the believers’ intimate friendship with their Savior. It specifies the “Sweet Somethings” as, “secret counsel,” where he lovingly reveals his covenant with them. While it is his covenant, it’s not a sterile set of rules that we must obey, Or Else. It comes to us as Jesus’ perspective, his unique, divine view of life. Our true love for him makes his perspective ours, so what gives him joy also gives us joy, and what grieves him also grieves us.

Verse 15 of Psalm 25 completes the picture of true love for our Savior; our eyes are ever toward him, providing a personal orientation very much like the loving relationship between a godly man and woman. Every decision we make, regardless how minor, considers his or her wishes. Again, exactly the same principle applies to our relationship with our Savior, and verse 15 above slips in a practical benefit of that intimacy; it plucks our feet out of the trap of temptation, even before it can close over us.

If you claim to love the Lord, make it real by quietly, consistently, listening to his “Sweet Somethings.”


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