Hand Puppets

Before we accept Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins, we’re all puppets of sin. When we’re sanctified by Jesus’ blood, he removes that demonic hand, replacing it with his Holy Spirit, but he doesn’t control us in the same way that sin did. God’s Spirit gives us the choice of following his plan for our lives, or not. Refusing his plan and asserting our own will is like grabbing that old, rotting, demonic hand and shoving it up our bum once again.

Sci-Fi buffs well know the scenario of the unwary astronaut or scientist who gets attacked by some alien bug—usually by stupidly letting his or her guard down while playing with the infernal thing—who grows in the human’s gut until it’s big enough to bloodily pop out and terrorize everyone else. That’s a fair illustration of sin in our lives, with the exception that we’re born with it inside us, and it’s uglier than the worst movie alien bug. Only Jesus can eradicate it, and we have to ask him to do it.

So, Kermit, do you want that infernal thing to stay inside you? Or do you want Jesus to take care of it? Your choice.


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