Free Love

“They have healed the wound of my people lightly, saying, ‘Peace, peace,’ when there is no peace.” Jeremiah 8:11

A social movement existed in the ’60s and ’70s called, “the Free Love Movement.” In fact, it was quite social indeed, producing rampant “social” diseases and unwed pregnancies, and millions of broken hearts. I know that because I would have liked to be part of it, but I’ve never been a candidate for the “World’s Greatest Lover” prize; I was way too shy to go after that one. Strictly speaking, it wasn’t a true social movement like the feminist and civil rights movements, but simply flaunted promiscuous sexual practices that had always been hidden for the benefit of polite society.

Also strictly speaking, “free love,” as in sexual promiscuity, was never free. Besides the costs listed above, it enabled the HIV/AIDS virus to freely spread from Africa to the more developed nations, and then to expand at epidemic rates here.

But there is another kind of “free love” that is truly free, and oddly enough, the most costly of all loves.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

In case you’ve forgotten, the Son that Jesus spoke of is Jesus himself, the eternal Word of God made flesh. And to what did God give him over? Only the worst torture and death that both the Jewish religious leaders and the Roman occupiers could devise.  And why did Jesus have to suffer so? Because he was the only one who could fulfill for us the absolute righteousness that God requires, without which we have no hope for salvation.

In simple terms, Jesus traded his righteousness for our unrighteousness, then submitted to God’s wrath in payment for the guilt-debt we had accrued. He actually loves me, you, and all of humanity, that much.

Hard to believe, eh? That’s why God’s Holy Spirit gives us just a glimpse of our depraved condition (that’s called “conviction”), and enough of a faith-boost to think that, just maybe, his salvation is for you and me. Then, if you grab that hope and run the race he has set before us (Hebrews 12:1-2) throughout the New Testament, faithful to the end, his promise is yours … forever.


6 thoughts on “Free Love

    • Ordinarily I would say I am indeed well, but God has allowed me to feel feeble these past couple of days. Even for that I praise him, for his wisdom infinitely surpasses my own, and his knowledge of my life’s options effectively eliminates any objection I may have to his intervention. So, please Lord, have your way with my life.

      May our loving Lord bless you beyond any expectation of your own.

      • You know, I feel like God’s talking through you. Your reply comment here played back in my mind just now. Struggling hard with a bipolar manic episode… I’m reminded God’s “allowing” this, that He’s gonna sustain me, and to not fight or fear it. Very helpful. I’m in the “zombie brain” stage… My brains chewing on itself and anyone else’s it crosses paths with! LOL. Thank you so very much. Gonna ride it out a little less anxious. Peace.

      • I have a love/hate relationship with Job. On the “love” side, he reminds me how a godly man must respond to apparently purposeless trials of even the serious variety. On the “hate” side, he reminds me how far I must grow, and the trials I must endure, to become a godly man. One thought consoles me, though; I have no doubt that Job also felt like he resided at the foot of a huge mountain, and could only gaze into the distance at the godly character he coveted, located on the mountain’s top.

        Yesterday I rediscovered the experience of mental illness. When I filled my meds dispenser I had forgotten to include my antidepressant, so I endured the day of wooziness and hopelessness until bedtime when I realized my omission. I slept through a huge chunk of the day, not because of depression, but because I just felt tired. Today I feel a thousand percent better.

        I pray that God will give you insight about your bipolar disorder, which you can allow either the enemy or God to use, and hope for the blessings that only he can see in your future.

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