Why Muslim Dr. Nabeel Qureshi Converted to Christianity

First, grab a note pad and a pencil, ’cause you’re going to want to take notes; this has some of the best apologetics I’ve heard. Oh, and some Kleenex, if you really love Jesus.

Dr. Qureshi presented this talk on, “Why Islam?” He interpreted that to mean: Why and how should we engage Muslims to share the gospel with them?

  • Muslim family values:
    They are close-knit.
    Their lives are immersed in prayer and devotion.
    They have strong moral principles.
    Young Muslims are taught to be ambassadors for Islam.
    They must be known for their truthfulness.
    They must show respect for their elders.
    They must know the Koran in Arabic.
    They must pray consistently, including the five daily prayers.
    Families must center their lives around their religion.
  • Religious values:
    There is one God, Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet.
    Performing the Five Pillars earns Allah’s favor: To proclaim that Allah is God, and Muhammad is his messenger. To pray the five daily prayers. To pay alms. To fast. To go on pilgrimage.
    If they are good Muslims they will go to heaven.
    Allah is unknowable, transcendent, and Muslims are simply his slaves.
    Some Muslims work to please Allah because they love him, but most are just trying to please him.
    If someone tries to share their Christian faith, a Muslim must share Islam with them.
  • Beliefs:
    Muslims believe the truth matters.
    Muslims believe in Jesus and what he did, but they refuse to accept his divinity and death on the cross.
    When witnessing to Christians they challenge Jesus’ deity, and most Christians can’t counter that from the Scriptures.
  • Arguments with David in University that led to his conversion. (15.00)
    Attacks on the Bible’s authority and accuracy, and David’s defenses.
    Three issues he had to investigate: 1; Is Jesus Lord? 2; Did he die on the cross for our sins? 3; Did he rise from the dead after three days?
  • The rational process that led him to Christ.

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