Is There Any Truth in Alternate Dimensions?

FRINGE’S Alternate New Yorks

Sci-Fi producers and audiences love the theme of alternate, parallel dimensions that are just a smidge off from the one we inhabit. All such movies and TV series base their scenarios on nearly common evolutionary paths, resulting in the same people living in both dimensions but with opposite personalities and temperaments. Some audience-members actually think such alternate universes and dimensions are plausible; obviously not having thought it through for themselves.

Movie producers and screenplay writers might want to take a hint from time-travel movies, where the travelers are cautioned to make no changes, even as slight as stepping on a roach or slapping a mosquito. Why? Those insects might possibly influence events as history unfolds. Think of a fork in a road. It may be a very narrow fork of just a few degrees, but how far apart will the roads spread two thousand miles away? Might they end in different states, or even countries?

I can’t tell you how many “Sci-Fi” programs I’ve ruined for myself by analyzing their alternate universes’ and dimensions’ plausibility. A true alternate reality would be so different from ours that we couldn’t even comprehend it. If life existed there it also would be so different from life as we know it as to not even be recognizable. They might be non-corporeal beings that live outside of time. They might have such vast powers that they could alter the course of our own universe, or even create it out of nothing. Wouldn’t it be wild if they created us with some of their attributes, then chose to communicate with us through specially enabled human beings?

I mean, anything’s possible, right?


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