The Pot and the Kettle

I have no idea how I managed to get on NARAL’s e-mailing list? But I did, and I’m glad, because I’d forgotten how irrational and inflammatory the pro-abortion front can be.

Somehow, they think the position they can’t support rationally will be furthered by name-calling. The “anti-choice clown car” mentioned in the e-mail happens to be occupied by some of the brightest minds in the nation: Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson, and Mike Huckabee.

Pro-choice is an obvious euphemism for pro-abortion. Why are they pro-abortion? Because abortion is an evil akin to child sacrifice, and the idol to which they sacrifice their babies? The god of convenience; their birth control method of choice is killing the unborn, “product of conception,” which is usually a perfectly formed, viable, pre-born infant. If “Pro-Choice” ideologues were honest, they would insist that women were given complete information about the “procedure” they were about to undergo, including the fact that abortion isn’t at all harmless to the woman. One of the abortion industry’s main selling points is the allegation that legalized abortion is safe, while illegal abortions are often hazardous. They refuse to disclose statistics about the common complications women face during and following legal abortions. For a comprehensive list, read, Abortion Risks by BirthMothers dot org, and if you’re interested, search out the many other sources publishing honest statistics about abortion dangers.

You may notice that I didn’t address the Biblical prohibitions of harming the innocents. That’s because pro-abortion activists label abortion critics as fundamentalist Christian fanatics. In fact, wholesale abortion is so harmful to women, and to society as a whole, that the Biblical argument is completely unnecessary. What is a society with no respect for motherhood? It is uncivilized, even barbaric. Take a good, honest look around, and tell me that I’m wrong. When pro-abortion activists call pro-life people cruel and insensitive, that’s the pot calling the kettle sooty.


One thought on “The Pot and the Kettle

  1. Well said! If abortion is so great for women why do so many women regret choosing to abort? If abortion just makes life easier why do men who encouraged their partners to abort also experience guilt and regret? Choosing life is not an easy decision but it is a decision you will not regret or have nightmares about!

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